Winter Bubble Black Girl Magic. Pro Black clothing. Melanin clothing and apparel.

Black-Owned gifts company, we created to celebrate the beauty of a black woman.

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In 2018, we'd had enough of Black people being mistreated in the U.S. (racism, senseless police shootings, etc.). We'd had enough of the poor representation of African-Americans on certain "reality" television shows and websites. And, we'd had enough of the negativity on social media. We believed that the Black community needed more positivity and inspiration, so we created Winter Bubble Winter Bubble is a Black-owned, socially-conscious, lifestyle brand. It was founded to promote the POWER of BLACK UNITY and the BEAUTY of MELANIN. It was founded to remind you that we are descendants of ROYALTY and to honor the greats that paved the way for us. It was founded to encourage all people of the African diaspora to be UNAPOLOGETICALLY BLACK AND PROUD. Our goal is to educate, motivate, and celebrate our people - past and present. We strive to empower Black people without showing any negative feelings towards others. We create products that give people a voice without them having to speak. Thanks for supporting Black business! - Winter Bubble Team Black women shirts, Black Pride Women's T-Shirts, Black History Women's T-Shirts, Black Owned, African American Women's T-Shirts, Black Heritage Women's Tees